About Us

Our Company

Hello. We are a husband and wife team based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m Jessica Bujazia, an artisan designer, & developer. Zack Bujazia, my talented husband, is my partner in both life & business. Together, we make up Artisan Website Company.

My husband and I have learned solid principals in marketing, design, and advertising over the past 10 years. Zack is a proud owner and art director of a successful Marketing Agency with over 50 employees using his methodologies. I have years of study in art school, a bachelors degree in advertising, and years of experience at my husband’s marketing agency. In March 2017 we learned we were going to become parents and I decided I’d like to stay at home with our son Jack. We created Artisan Website Company to make my dreams of being a work-from-home #MomBoss a reality. Here’s a little more about each of us.

Our Team

Jessica Bujazia ~ Artisan Website Company

Jessica Bujazia

Jessica has a degree in advertising from California State University Fullerton. She started her career building a digital magazine and doing graphic layouts for print ads. Before starting Artisan Website Company, she worked as a web developer and project manager for a digital marketing agency for over 3 years.

We feel blessed to have careers we are passionate about and to be able to design on a daily basis. Outside of web design and development, we dabble in the fine arts such as acrylics, pastels, and Prismacolors. We also enjoy a good wine & paint night and camping in our retro trailer.

Zack Bujazia ~ Artisan Website Company

Zack Bujazia

Zack has more than 12 years professional experience in marketing, including 9 years as Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and Co-Founder of a digital agency with 60+ employees, serving thousands of clients worldwide. As a designer, Zack’s creative work has been the recipient of multiple awards and honors. His driving passion for quality and innovation is what makes his work truly artisanal.

What Artisan Website Company can do for you

Artisan Website Company provides you with high quality and customized services to fit your needs. We take pride in keeping up with the latest design trends and modern coding standards to provide you with long lasting and high-impact results. Our goal is to give you beautiful and timeless design that will convert viewers into repeat customers.

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to building a new website or brand from scratch. At Artisan Website Company, we believe the best way is the artisanal way. We build websites uniquely for you! Why? In order to grow your business, you need a concept that not only looks beautiful but also has a strategy behind its user experience helping to drive your website visitors to become customers. This is the key ingredient missing from all those prefab website platforms and quick turnaround template agencies. We will work with you to fulfill your goals relying on a customized strategy and not just pretty pictures (although we have those too… wink, wink).

Thank you for taking the time to read about Artisan Website Company and what we have to offer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests you may have.